What Is Beauty ?

What is beauty? Why we all feel awed by physical beauty? If you have well placed facial features what is your role in it? Have you chosen your parents? Have you bestowed with special powers if you have external beauty? Well spaced out things, be it bricks, ice-cream in a cone, doors and windows in a room, flowers, or nose, eyes and lips on a face pleases and caress your senses and you feel good. You feel great sitting in a well set, color coordinated well lit room. You experience special joy holding a well-arranged bunch of flowers. Your elation knows no bound walking besides a handsome dude or beautiful dudette.

But is it all? Whatever pleases your senses is beautiful? For a normal man or a woman yes, its true. Having your eyes, nose, cheeks and forehead at particular places and proportion is beauty. All you should do is be an example of good geometric proportion, just as Taj mahal is. Its well spaced and well proportioned building with white marbles. If you dont have it in your genes, go ahead and find a brilliant plastic surgeon he will do the needful. Right?

Here is a small question, if beauty is eternal and a joy forever then why so many beautiful women get divorced? Get cheated on? Get unfaithful husbands or boyfriends? Can you give an example when a beauty queen has never got dumped? Never had a heartache? Angelina Jolie? Aishwarya Rai? Jacqueline Kennedy? Kate Winslet? Deepika Padukone? Priyanka Chopra? Katrina Kaif? Beauty possessed by these women protected them from harsh realities of life? Did they do less amount of work to remain where they are? Dont they redefine themselves constantly? Dont they lead a disciplined life to remain fit and beautiful? We all know the answer.

Here I am not trying to define beauty but talk about a beautiful woman. She holds a highly sought after professional degree. Quite tall and is in great shape. If you see her, you cant ignore her physical beauty. She is all set in her professional and personal life. Then something happened.

She became a mother. Her kid is very cute and adorable. But he was premature hence having some complications. She couldnt bring her kid home for many months. He must be monitored and kept under constant medical care. Like all mothers, she prayed and tried to find best alternatives for her kid. She fought with God a bit. Questioned him. But never slacked on what she is supposed to do. She was successful in bringing her baby home. She took constant care of him round the clock. And tried to find out what is best for her baby. She was even prepared to take calculated and reasonable risks with him.

I have never find her cribbing about her weight gain or lack of time for other activities. God has chosen the best and most beautiful mom for this kid. The almighty knows only she, who has the will of steel and unwavering grit and determination, can be the mother of this child. She is perfect, capable and most beautiful mother this kid can ever have.

For me this person is epitome of beauty, because she builds on whatever she has, she creates, she constructs, she moves on, she inspires, she brings motivation and hope on the table, she fights for her dues. With time her physical beauty might depreciates but she will keep on evolving as a finer human being. Of course, she has a great support system in her family. Her hubby pitches in, her in-laws and parents are there but she is the pivot and driving force. And at the end of the day, thats what matters.