Where are the Thackerays?

You might have read this on net or as sms. I find this sms in TOI.

"Where is Raj Thackery and his `brave’ sena? Tell him that 200 NSG commandos have been sent to save Mumbai and fight terrorists so that he can sleep peacefully. The Indian army has Indians and not marathis, UPites or biharis alone," said a message with sender requesting to forward to all Indians so that it finally reaches the coward bully Raj Thackeray.

I wonder where are they? Holed up somewhere to save their skins? When their own Mumbai was held captive by the terrorists. Why didn’t they and their workers came out in open to save their "beloved" city and protect their reputation? Shouldn’t they make a claim that it must only be protected by marathi manushs and not by bhaiyaas from Bihar and U.P? Or better only marathi police officials should be sent here, Your Mumbai doesn’t need rest of the Indians? First Marathas should be out there? Or their bravery comes out only against Bachchans and Bhaiyyas? Where are Mr. little boy Thackeray who proclaimed probably last month proudly "Mumbai mere baap ki hai" Why his Baap has abandoned his children and is hiding in his hole?

I think we at least the educated one stops viewing ourselves as regional entities and see the larger picture. I was reading at a blog that singing Hindi songs was considered blasphemy. Just imagine those psychopath parents and teachers who were so blinded by regional glory that they have stopped exhibiting even the basic human traits. They don’t hesitate to fill the clean mind with hatred (Well few movies, songs and books can be vulgar or cheap but it is true for every language). If you can teach small children hatred for a language, songs, movies and people, you are not fit to shoulder the responsibility parenthood brings. If your language, culture and food are REALLY so great then why this insecurity? Why feel threatened by other people, languages, food and culture? Greatness never inspire insecurity. Greatness is inclusive not…


Where is my country?

Update: I realized it a bit late. At least the green color in my blog post doesn’t represent a particular religion. Here I want to say that same chaos and anarchy that Kashmir is facing is spreading and enveloping the rest of India.
Old Post:
I get this at Barbarindians blog. It is really true that a picture is worth thousand words. Today what is happening is Mumbai is the mirror of the future we and our children will march forward to. Or maybe when we won’t be find enough places to chill out, when terrorists will take hold of discs and pubs rendering us unable to move our a**es to “cool” beats, when we don’t have enough safe places to sip and discuss the colors of classy cocktails, we might start “THINKING” about this problem called terrorism and start thinking about how to make our political bosses feel uncomfortable in their bulletproof jackets purchased with our money.

terror attack in Mumbai



Delhi Bomb Blasts and Ramp Modeling

Shivraj Patil changing clothes in 3 hours

Source: Star News

Serial bomb blasts were happening in Delhi. People were looking for their near and dear ones. Mobiles were jammed and it was difficult talking to anyone. Doctors of Lady Harding Medical College were making appeal to general public to come forward and donate blood for Delhi bomb victims. Common people were trying to help in their own way.
But danger was still lurking somewhere. After serial bomb blasts Delhi was still unsafe. An e-mail claimed that they planned nine serial blasts for Delhi. So bomb squad were still searching for live bombs.
Here the million dollar question is, “what the Honorable Home Minister Of India Mr. Shivraj Patil was doing? Oh! He was busy playing the role of a ramp model. Today starnews showed that he was changing clothes for different occasion. First starnews claimed that he changed clothes three times in three hours while serial blasts were taking place in Delhi! But when they were showing the program they received a call from Home Ministry that the honorable minister has not changed three times in three hours but three times in five hours. We as public should really be relieved after this clarification or damage control. They should have informed the newsroom that MAJOR TV CREWS FROM INTERNATIONAL MEDIA will be covering this Delhi blasts and how come he turn out shabbily dressed and in the same suit? WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THE REPUTATION OF INDIA IN FRONT OF WHOLE WORLD? So he has to behave as a ramp model first and as a Home Minister later.


Serial Blasts in Delhi

Today I was just planning to go to Karol Bagh to purchase a bicycle. But somehow my plan got altered and I returned back from Friends colony only. While I was returning home, the driver received a call from his anxious wife if he is still in Delhi ? He broke the news to me that there were serial bomb blasts in New Delhi. Till now 18 are reported killed, 70 injured in Delhi serial blasts. I got the following news about Delhi blasts from The Hindu;

New Delhi (PTI): At least 18 people were killed and 70 injured in five serial blasts in a span of 45 minutes when terrorists targeted three crowded market areas in the heart of the Capital this evening.

Bringing back memories of the pre-Diwali terror strike in Sarojini market in 2005 that left 68 dead, the blasts rocked Connaught place, about a km from Parliament, Ghaffar market in Karol Bagh in Central Delhi and the M Block market in posh Greater Kailash in South Delhi.

It seems that serial bomb blasts are fast becoming usual news unless someone’s near and dear ones are involved. We will hear the usual statements from our PPM (Puppet Prime Minister) that these acts will not be tolerated. Terrorists will not be spared and blah! blah! blah! till some other city face the same bomb blasts and the game will start again. I was just curious why terrorists can’t fight against illness, illiteracy, poverty, hunger or for a clean environment? Would the effort require will be more if they try to find a cure against AIDS? I know its a foolish romantic thinking on my part.