Disguised Bahenji

Chandigarh among worst in male-female ratio
Aborted female foetuses found in Gurgaon
Judiciary in Punjab steps in to tackle female foeticide

I don’t think I am giving links to any new news. But as always I was wondering what happened to those parents who welcomed female child with open arms? They educated us like their sons. They clothed us better than their sons. They never hesitated even for a second when we pursued professional education. The shine on their faces were brighter than ours, when we got employed in multinationals. Now what have we done in return?

  1. We treated our salary as pocket money. It never occurred once that we can do something for “our” household. I have seen scores of boys sending some money at least to their mothers every month.
  2. See, we have become very enlightened. We have many relationships in our hearts and between our legs. We never hesitate in pubbing and clubbing and visiting disc but when its time to get married, again we get the best of BOTH traditional and modern world. We get married with our parents’ money. We try to follow Americans by speaking, writing and having a good time like them, but when it comes to marriage expenses we again become coy traditional Mummy and Daddyjis’ little girls. I have seen very few FEMALES who insisted during marriage that they will mange their fridge, TV, furniture, cutlery etc. The more we can extract from our parents the better.
  3. After marriage we intimate our parents from time to time, how our in-laws live. How they follow certain standard and how our parents should shower gifts on us and our in-laws on festive seasons keeping THAT standard in mind.
  4. I have seen one girl to buy jewelry for her mother or one of my cousins to help her father in sorting out financial matters. Otherwise its always the parents who are buying various things for us or bailing their little girls out of miseries.
  5. Heaven forbids, if one of our parents falls sick, its always the son who will spend money on doctors’ bill.

It is TIME for US to think, what are we doing after being treated fairly and equally by our parents? Have we changed the mindset even of our families? Forget the societies. Are we setting examples by rejecting dowry? Are we willing to look after our parents at any stage of their lives? Have any of us even think of loosening our purse strings for a good holiday for our parents? If not, then why anyone would WANT us? Everybody is here, due to his or her utility value. What value we have ADDED after getting same treatment as a son? Can society proudly proclaim that educated daughters are no headaches? They behave as sons. NO! We have become biggest MAUKATARIANS, enjoying the best of traditional as well modern world.


Educating Kids

Chubby cheeks, dimple chin
rosy lips, teeth within,
Curly hair, very fair,
eyes are blue, lovely too,
Teacher’s pet, is that you??
Yes, Yes, Yes.

So the “right? kind of education starts early in life. That explains why Ms Rai/Bachchan considered more influential than Bill Gates and Bill Clinton. It also makes clear, majority of the readers of Time Magazine are guys. Matahari, Christine Keeler, Pamela Bordes, Monica Lewinsky … are glaring examples that guys trust their eyes more than their brains. 🙂