World’s Most Relaxing Room!

When I was reading this “Scientists Create ‘World’s Most Relaxing Room‘ ”

Psychologist Professor Richard Wiseman has designed and constructed a large-scale multi-media space that aims to calm even the most stressed out of minds.To help promote the University of Hertfordshire’s Health and Human Sciences Research Institute Showcase, Wiseman reviewed the scientific research into relaxation, and has created what is being billed as ‘The world’s most relaxing room.

I was a bit dazed. Can a place like this really exists when one forgets the economic recession and hence one’s worries? Is it possible that relaxing is as simple as entering into a room? We don’t have to learn relaxing exercises from anyone? Will this relaxing room be available to everyone by paying a nominal sum? I think, if we have to pay for relaxing room like we pay for watching a movie, then it won’t remain a relaxing room at all. We, being we, will bring our attitude, money, fashion, bags and boots and what not and start the competition or rat race again and relaxation will jump out of the each and every available window.

But nonetheless its an interesting read.

During the Showcase, which runs from 21-24 October at the University’s de Havilland campus, groups of up to ten visitors at a time will be invited to enter this large and unusual space, lie on soft matting and rest their head on lavender-scented pillows. In each fifteen minute session, people will be bathed in a calming glade-like green light, listen to a specially composed soothing soundtrack, and look at a completely clear artificial blue sky.