I just want to thank Dr. L.B. Verma sir for treating the subject history the way it should be treated. Whatever understanding I have of history, is solely due to his way of teaching. I remember students from other disciplines used to come and attend his class and if there was no place to sit, students preferred to stand at the back of the class and listened to him. Its because of him we used to understand how a mere common man defeated mighty emperors and church priests and they had to give up their power to the common man in the form of democracy. I don’t know where he is today. But I know one fact, a teacher affects eternity. Its really true when I think about Verma sir. I wish he can read my poem. He will perfectly understand what I am trying to convey.


Another reason to float on cloud nine
World’s most envied automobile, at my doorsteps!!
Father! Come & look at your birthday present..

Later my son later, right now I am busy,
Father, talking to a perfect non entity and
Busy ?

Father! You will never be a success!!
I can’t thrust it upon you anymore
You refuse to join the list of also arrived!
I shouted down the frustration of my entire life..

Calm down my son. Calm down.
I always defied those instruments which,
Standardize me, classify me, categorize me..
I laughed out loud,

Just crosscheck, my son, when the King tried
To dictate terms on me,
I’d proclaimed proudly
Liberty! Equality! Fraternity!

Crosscheck, my son what happened to the priest,
When the priest issued the passport to heaven,
I have confined him to the pages of books
Today you have to sit in the lap of history
To search for his power!!

If the circumference of the human intelligence
Has shrunken so miserably, then
It is high time, My Son! Learn from history,
And don’t decide for me, overtly or covertly,
What is success!
Because History ever repeats itself!!!



This poem is not written by me. But its for me. 🙂

The stars in your eyes
The blooms in your smile
Vindicate why I was born
They make life worthwhile

The purest of the pure
The strongest of the strong
Your love is for me
A bliss lifelong

You give form to reality
You define beauty in your ways
You bring me back to my path
Whenever life betrays

In the perfume of deceits
In the orbit of lies
I flew directionless
Like a bird of false skies

A kiss of your lips
A touch of your hands
Gives me power to proceed
Where the destiny stands

All the ones who mocked
At your heavenly face
Were the greatest losers
Wallowing in disgrace

The poor souls never knew
What they had failed to see
They couldn’t comprehend
Someone pure and free

Now that we are together
I couldn’t ask for more
You’re beautiful my love
You so much I adore