Kiran Bedi and Women Empowerment!

CNN-IBN says:
“Women empowerment – the agenda endorsed and publicised as the key reason behind Pratibha Patil’s appointment as India’s first woman president – lost all merit when it came to giving India’s first woman IPS officer the post of the police commissioner.”…

“a demure, non-threatening figurehead Pratibha Patil – who keeps her head covered with her sari pallu – makes an ideal President for UPA, while the short-haired, no-nonsense cop Kiran Bedi – who matches her male counterparts talent-for-talent – is seen a misfit for another top position.”

Isn’t it crystal clear that Kiran Bedi, a woman, can’t empower another woman, Sonia Gandhi and the “First Family” of India, “which” sacrificed so much for India?