Longer Life and Specific Foods In Mediterranean Diet



Image Source: Gogomummy.com [Donít feel offended about the authenticity of the vegetables. Here in India we get somewhat similar quality (unless you have your own kitchen garden or farm) than depicted in the above picture]

No matter how much research you conduct and how many subjects you include for your study and how prestigious or obscure your university is, the results are always same, those damn green vegetables which your grandmothers never failed to remind you to eat. What our grandparents knew the secretes without any Harvard professor telling them with his scholarly findings. I have omitted the current crop of mothers. They seem a bit different. When I see a metro mom, it looks they are raising a pizza burger generation who comes out shivering from a swimming pool after half an hour when the allotted time slot is one hour. ūüôā

What the study claim is:

Professor Dimitrios Trichopoulos at the Harvard School of Public Health explains that they have surveyed over 23,000 men and women who were participants in the Greek segment of the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC).

Eating more vegetables, fruits, nuts, pulses and olive oil, and drinking moderate amounts of alcohol, while not consuming a lot of meat or excessive amounts of alcohol is linked to people living longer.


Save Me from Myself!

People always hinted at models being dumb and beautiful. Or it seems beauty leaves a person the minute she acquires some brain power. I don’t know whether its true or not. But this news, UK rejects anorexic models, raises doubt about their brain power. It seems they have to be saved from themselves. And a group of hopeless bimbos need rescuing too who try to imitate them.



I am posting this from Amrit’s blog:

Just read a very sad account at Mridulaís IIT-K blog and I think the issue needs to be highlighted because such a rot is present everywhere in our society these days.

The canteen owner of one of the IIT halls came across a migrant laborerís boy who had been stung or bitten by a scorpion or a snake. The canteen owner did everything he could have possibly done, but unfortunately he couldnít save the boy. The reason: first the security guards at IIT didnít offer any help, and when he took the boy to IITís health center, first the hospital refused to treat the boy because he didnít have a health card (and they refused to accept the canteen ownerís health card) and when the canteen owner called the doctor who works at the center, she simply refused to come because the patient was a laborerís child. In fact she screamed at the canteen owner for disturbing her. You can read the entire account on Mridulaís blog.

Since life in general has no value in our country, such incidents can only be avoided by severely punishing those who could have saved the kid but didnít. The licence of the doctor should be revoked, she should be sacked, and then she should be arrested for causing death due to negligence. She is unnecessarily wasting a post that could have had a compassionate doctor. When you are lousy, your attitude shows everywhere ó tomorrow she can easily cause death of a student or a faculty member. After all, every doctor takes the Hippocratic Oath before obtaining a degree and if he or she violates that oath, he or she doesnít deserve that degree.

The guards should be sacked too because if they donít have the feelings to protect a young boy, how can you expect them to protect the institute when the need arises?

Does this sound harsh? I donít think so. The death of the laborerís son is harsh, a death that could have so easily been avoided.