RJ who made derogatory comments about Nepalese could be arrested

I simply feel elated when I read this news. ‘RJ who made derogatory comments could be arrested‘ And I am glad that Indian Idol III, Prashant Tamang’s fans and locals are out to teach this RJ a lesson. What I don’t feel good about is the violence part. It could have been achieved peacefully too. BUT ITS HIGH TIME WE START RESPECTING OUR OWN PEOPLE. AND IF WE CAN’T THEN BE PREPARED TO FACE THE MUSIC. The politicians are perfecting the ‘Divide & Rule’ policy’, we are not doing much to nullify these politicians’ move.

If we educated Indians can’t rise above regionalism, then what can be expected from others? I gather “educated” in today’s context means a professional degree, a job in a good company and speaking English with fake American accent and blasting Biharis, UPites, South Indians, Maharashtrians, Bengalis, Punjabis, Sardars, Haryanavis, Himanchalis, Chinkies, Gurkhas minus what you are. See where “MODERN EDUCATION” landed this RJ, Jade Goody, Danielle Lloyd

What our “educated”, “English speaking”, “cosmopolitan” male RJ has said for a certain section of the society:

The RJ, Jonathan Brady, who is popularly known as Nitin after a programme called Ulta Pulta Nitin that he used to host on some other FM channel, apparently commented in a live broadcast that “shopkeepers will now have to make their own security arrangements as Gorkhas have taken to singing.” The remark was made on his new programme, Khurafati Nitin on Red FM.

I am glad that the “Bahadurs”, “Gurkhas” and “Chinkies” are out to teach a “hep, metrosexual, barbarian” a lesson. It will certainly be a treat watching a “disguised bhaishahib” RJ perform before the people of Darjeeling. Perhaps during schooling our “disguised bhaishahib” was too busy perfecting his English accent and couldn’t pay much attention to the fact that Gurkhas belong to world’s finest warrior class!!!