Sushil Kumar Wins Crores in cash!!!

Sushil Kumar has won bronze medal in free style wrestling for India at Beijing Olympics! And at the same time he is showered with cash awards from various state governments and rightly so. Sushil Kumar deserves every lakh he is getting as cash prize now and more. Afterall someone is able to win a bronze at Olympics for India after 56 years!

So who won it before 56 years? And how much cash award he received? I was unaware about him before Leander Paes won another individual bronze in Athens Olympic in 1996. His name was Khashaba Jadhav. He won a bronze for India in wrestling at Helsinki Olympics in 1952. Khashaba Jadhav ensured that his son didn’t go for wrestling as a career or as a sportsperson.

Today after hearing about Sushil Kumar what Khashaba Jadhav’s son said? But why son came forward to say something on his father’s behalf? Because Khashaba Jadhav died unsung and in penury in an road accident in 1984. And we didn’t know about that incident till 1996.

Read what the son is saying

Remembering his father’s plight, Ranjit said, “People would not know my father till 1996. When Leander Paes bagged the individual bronze medal in Athens, press wrote about my father and people came to know that it was Khashaba Jadhav who had bagged India the first individual medal. He lived in a world of obscurity and penury.”

Khashaba Jadhav had to participate in matches to pay off his debt because he went to Olympics by borrowing money.

“His (Khashaba Jadhav) feat is unparallaled… just for the fact that he had to face so many hurdles. The environment that time was very different. India was trying to stand in its feet, having just gained independence five years back… there was no encouragement for a sportsperson,” Ranjit told PTI from Goleswar, hometown of Khashaba, in Karad district of Maharashtra.

Denied any financial help from the erstwhile chief minister of the then Bombay, Moraji Desai, who told Khashaba, “We don’t have money to go to Olympics”, the wrestler ran from pillar to post to arrange Rs 4,000, says Ranjit.


Abhinav Bindra Creates History at Beijing Olympics

I was just having my first/second/third cup of tea and on impulse press the remote button of TV and forgotten everything! Abhinav Bindra has won GOLD medal at 10m Air Rifle Shooting at Beijing Olympics!!!! This has never happened in the past 112 years in Indian Olympic sports scene. No individual gold medal for India in the last 112 years!!! You are real cool dude Abhinav.
Later on TV channels are telecasting Kapil Dev’s statement that winning Olympic gold is a bigger event than winning World Cup Cricket in 1993!!! Right now he is getting cash prizes left, right center from various organizations and government. But what made me ecstatic is that my WHOLE country is celebrating. I witnessed that one state government after another keep on announcing cash prize money for Abhinav Bindra. I am waiting for Mr. Raj Thackrey’s reaction on cash prize announcement of Maharashtra’s government for Abhinav Bindra (Maharashtra CM announces Rs 10 lakh cash prize to Abhinav Bindra). Should it go to true blue blooded Marathi manush according to Mr. Raj Thackrey? 🙂

Today Abhinav Bindra’s father must be feeling very proud on his son’s success. I am glad that his well off family has used the wealth to promote his son’s talent instead of spoiling him with fancy cars and latest gizmos and producing another spoiled brat. Abhinav Bindra’s father was saying that Abhinav went through commando training with German Army for his fitness. Wow! What a foresight and determination. I think that’s why he was standing at the victory podium with poker face just like a commando who has achieved his task and feeling that’s what he has been trained for.So what’s the big deal!!!! I am glad that this lad has not chosen to spend his time and money on chasing girls and appearing on page 3 parties.
THANK YOU Abhinav Bindra for giving us a proud moment and make us feel as Indians for a change.