Just A Few Thoughts!

I was rewinding the track record of this honest, upright CBI official Arun Kumar. He took up Rizwan’s case and it became amply clear that it was a suicide and the haves father and uncle duo just abetted the crime. Rizwan committed suicide by throwing himself under a running train but the cutest thing was his cell phone was intact in his pocket. A socially and economically backward family couldn’t do much but tried to come to terms with the CBI theory.

Next case, this same bright officer Arun Kumar was entrusted with was infamous “Nithari Killings.” Again everything was done by the have not servant. The have Sri Moninder Singh Pandher was totally clueless what his all powerful servant was upto in his helpless master’s house. Not one, not two, not three, not thirteen but officially acknowledged NINETEEN murders had taken place in Pandher’s house but he is totally unaware of each and every murder! How cute! How fascinating!

Now the same clever CBI officer Arun Kumar is investigating the Arushi murder case. Compounder Krishna is already arrested and another domestic help is being interrogated. What do you say? Isn’t it obvious who might have committed the crime and who are totally innocent ?