My jaw simply dropped to my knees when I first “listened? to this FrankFinn ad. In this ad a girl was claiming that she was “different? right from childhood. Well and good. No problem with that. She also announced she wanted to fly. Excellent! But then somewhere she said when my friends were burning the midnight oil and spending time with heavy fat books, her dreams were taking shape in her eyes.

Well, Ms “whatever? or whoever you are, for your kind information you will be able to fly because somebody has chosen to spend enough time with thick books. That person will be known as pilot to you. You will be able to land in the pre announced city because someone has spent enough time with ugly fat books. That someone will be the navigator. You will be able to land safely because again someone has chosen to spend enough time with those despicable books. That someone will be the ground staff. If these people will not spend enough time with loathsome books, your dream would remain a dream (achievable in sleep only). Forever!

Here I was talking about your dream only. If we extend it a bit more, we are well connected and call this earth a global village because again someone had turned to fatty books. Otherwise I have not seen your ad. We are healthy and many incurable diseases are curable, because someone was not just chilling out and hanging out with friends but spending time with books. Our parents stay with us these days for more years than usual. Again those damn books are responsible. I don’t know why we act like ungrateful lots. Or maybe I am a bit more touchy because I had suffered from a disease that a few decades ago was incurable but someone was studying hard and working his a** off to find a cure for that disease. I am glad he was not a great fan of disc and pubs. Millions like me owe their lives to him and those fat books.