Mothers, You Are Failing Miserably Somewhere

This is an open letter to the mothers on the occasion of the International Women’s Day

Dear Mothers,

Since today is International Women’s Day. I want to write this to you. It pains my heart when I hear that women are getting raped, female fetus being aborted, girls remaining uneducated, girls being eve teased, officers taking bribes, females molested on the roads. Yes, when a situation happens on the road or office or building its a law and order problem. The less said about the law and order and justice system in our country the better. It’s practically non-existent. But question of law and order arises when a crime happens. Before that mother’s should answer some questions because “The Hand That Rocks the Cradle Is the Hand That Rules the World”. Time for some introspection, mothers:

  • Why your son turns into a rapist?
  • Why your son is a molester?
  • Why your son eve teases?
  • Why your son harasses females sexually?
  • Why your son is a wife beater?
  • Why your son takes dowry?
  • Why your son takes bribes and indulges in corruption?
  • Why your son can’t get up and offer tea and refreshments when guests arrive?
  • Why your son can’t change nappies and wash utensils?
  • Why your son has to be taken care of like a baby by his wife?

What people see is that males leave their homes in the morning for work leaving kids with mothers and come back home in the evening. What are you doing with your sons during that hours? Even if, you are working, you come into contact with your kids for far greater hours than your husbands. Please my dear mothers, introspect on International Women’s Day instead of playing victims and indulging in chest beating. What kind of sons you are raising? Stats say you are failing somewhere in your responsibility. These questions are being addressed to educated liberated mothers, not to illiterates residing in villages.

Dear liberated, “convent educated” and working mothers, care to answer some questions regarding your daughters too?

  • You brought up your daughter like a son. You made no discrimination while providing her education, food and clothes. Why at the time of her marriage she turns up into a village belle and offers no resistance when you offer dowry (fine, you may call them gifts, but everybody knows it’s dowry)?
  • Your daughter is very independent and enlightened when it comes to clubbing, pubbing and choosing boyfriends. Why you have to “arrange” her love marriage bearing all the expenses?
  • Why your extremely modern daughter laps up all the goodies at the time of marriage? Any self respecting, parent-loving female will have a nervous break down while doing this.
  • I remember Hindi poetess Subhadra Kumari Chauhan, who wrote the famous peom, “Khoob Ladi Mardani Woh To Jhansi Walli Rani Thi” rejecting her daughter’s Kanya Daan on the ground that She is a human being, not atta, chawal, daal or cow to be donated to someone. She had the guts to do this in early 20th Century! What about your 21st century Generation XYZ (lost count) daughter? Does she even remotely discuss with you on these issues?
  • While clubbing, pubbing and making boyfriends your daughter doesn’t care about social norms and society. How come during marriage she becomes MUCH traditional and cares SO MUCH about societal norms?
  • How come your daughter becomes ultra mod while lapping up privileges but turns extra docile and traditional when it comes to shouldering responsibilities? Why it’s all about meetha meetha gup gup, kadwa kadwa thoo thoo? What kind of parenting is this?

Today is International Women’s Day. For once, dear modern, liberated, convented working women, instead of playing victims and crying out loud, try introspection. It will do far greater good to you and society than some chest beating. If you want respect, earn it. You can’t demand it.

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Women find men with scars ‘attractive’ for a fling!

When I was reading this piece, I made two conclusion that adventurous women (or women with low self esteem, I am not saying this, psychiatrists say) seek adventurous men and having scars make you macho and brave! Wow guys, look- its so easy to be macho and brave. So guys, if today you are in a mood for hunting, you know what make up you have to wear!!! 🙂
Guys, for more detail read this:

Researchers at the University of Liverpool have found that women view men with scars as being not only adventurous, but also macho and brave — but only if she is looking for a short-term relationship.

Interestingly, the study has found that once a woman becomes a mother, she is most likely to dump the “bad boy” for a more caring, sharing sort, the ‘Daily Mail’ reported.

The researchers have based their findings on an analysis of an experiment which they carried out on a group of people to find out how scars influences the sexes in picking partners for both long-term and short-term relationships.

However, in case of women, the researchers found that men find women with or without scars attractive — the results of which are published in the latest edition of ‘Personality and Individual Differences’ journal.