Main Pal Do Pal Ka Shaayar Hoon?

When I heard this song, “Main Pal Do Pal Ka Shaayar Hoon” and these lines, “Kal aur aayenge nagmon ki
Khilti kaliya chunne waale
Mujhse behtar kehne waale
Tumse behtar sunne waale!”
I used to think how true! Well, Sahir Ludhianvi was wrong on that account. We don’t have a genius like you till now. What lies in the womb of future, no one knows.
Recently I read this:

Zapping through television channels a few days back, I came across a programme on Urdu poet and Hindi film lyricist Sahir Ludhianvi, on a channel called E24.

The reason for suddenly remembering Sahir, nearly three decades after his death, was his 88th birth anniversary. He was born on March 8, 1921.

The programme showed the bad state of Sahir’s flats in this building called Parchaiyan that he had got built after demolishing a bungalow of the same name that stood on the same plot.

The camera panned into his flat which is in a state of absolute disrepair. There were dead pigoens lying all around and cobwebs all over the place. Most of his books and writings have been sold off as raddi. And of what remains, a majority have been eaten by termites. So many years of hard work, sold for a few rupees more or just turned into dust. How criminal.

Well, we are like this. Its our national trait. That’s how we treat our legends. Please bear with us Sahir Ludhianvi sahib and if possible forgive us. You are DEFINITELY NOT, “Pal Do Pal Ka Shaayar” but “Har Eak Pal Ka Shaayar.”


JAI HO!! A. R. Rahman Wins Oscar for Slumdog Millionaire!

Music maestro A.R. Rahman has added another first in his cap. Rahman has become the first Indian composer to win an Oscar for his music in Slumdog Milllionaire. Rahman was nominated in the Best Original Score and the Best Original Song categories for the Oscars and he won both. He has won best original score along with lyricist Gulzar. Rahman has already received the Golden Globe Award for the same.

Another Indian documentary film by Megan Mylan, “Smile Pinki” won an Oscar in the Best Short Documentary category.
It seems the 24-hour news channels and Internet has really converted this planet into a small global village. Its not that we didn’t have great composers before Rehman or “Jai Ho” is Gulzar’s best creation. But these days we have better means of exposure, communication, transportation and event management companies. These things put concerned people at the right place at the right time with right people. A “JAI HO” for technocrats who make this connectivity possible!


Being Different

I found Helen “Item girl” or cabaret dancer of yesterday in a totally different dance number. Its a pleasant surprise to watch her dancing like this.