Growing Vegetables on a Balcony

New saplings

I was trying to grow vegetables in my balcony. First I took some unused buckets, put some soil in it and for two years threw fruit and vegetable peels, egg shells and chicken bones in those buckets and watered it almost everyday. We bought some bhindi seeds (ladyfingers seeds) planted those and waited eagerly. We were not disappointed. They came out looking so eager to grow up.

A flower

After a while they start bearing flowers. When I saw the first flower, I was simply elated.


Some of the ladyfingers sprang up soon. Our effort is bearing fruits. 🙂

bitter gourd

These are bitter gourd plants. My camera couldn’t catch the small buds it is having right now. Subhanjan you are being missed here. But when it will start having karelas I will post those images in near future.


Two years back, we had a melon from our balcony.