Sorry, Indians not allowed, in India!


Haagen-Dazs BRILLIANT Caption at the end! Image Source: Times of India

While reading history we often read “Indians and Dogs Not Allowed.” After 62 years of so called independence, you can spot the above signboard in India, in South Delhi. 🙂 Now they are saying, its a wrong choice of words. From where they hire their advertising people? Or which ad agency came out with such brilliant caption? Are their copywriters imbecile? I fail to realize what does Haagen-Dazs mean by “International Passport”? Do we need passport to travel within India? Raj Thackeray till now has been unsuccessful. 🙂 I think all the countries existing on this plant issue passports to their citizens for international travels. To travel in your own country you don’t need a “national passport?” But bright people who are responsible for preparing this campaign seem to be unaware of this simple fact.

Read for yourself, No Indian allowed here; Haagen-Dazs: Wrong choice of words

As there are no such things as ‘national’ passports — they are after all used only for international travel. it was apparent that ‘international’ was used as another word for ‘foreign’. And since the booklet’s only use, once the holder clears an airport immigration counter, is as a proof of nationality, the clear implication was that only foreigners would be allowed for the ‘preview’. It was not, however, intended to be a case of reworking the old British sign, ‘Dogs and Indians not allowed’.

Upon sustained queries to company officials about the intention of the campaign, it emerged that what Haagen-Dazs really wanted to convey was ‘Now get a taste of abroad right here in India’. But by preferring several long words — that are liable to be misinterpreted — instead of short, clear ones, they ended up generating a lot of heat: something that ice-cream brands, in particular, should steer clear of, if they don’t want their market to melt away, thanks to offended sensibilities. Especially, since it plans to open 30 to 40 outlets in the next few years.


Now Haagen-Dazs has come up with an explanation. We apologise for creating the misimpression: Haagen-Dazs 

        Clearing the controversy surrounding the offending poster, Mukherji says, “The poster in question was part of initial local store communication at a few locations within the same mall announcing the opening of the new Häagen-Dazs shop in the property. The message was intended to suggest that you can enjoy, for instance, a taste of the French Riviera without travelling to France – at Häagen-Dazs. Unfortunately the reference to the international passport holder on the poster may have led to a significant miscommunication. This was completely unintended and we apologie for creating the misimpression that may have hurt our sentiments as Indians.”


Mont Blanc’s Gandhi Pen



Mahatma Gandhi (Image Source:

How can the person standing in the above picture can be a model for a product costing around Rs. 12 lakhs?  How can this person compete with the iron pumping, gym totting, six pack abs flouting super cool dudes? Why can’t the Harvard or Wharton MBA ad gurus think of a supermodel or super rich dues from their world to sold their pen and earn profit?

“In the run-up to the Mahatma’s 140th birth anniversary, Mont Blanc International designed a luxury fountain pen to commemorate the Dandi March. Launched on September 29, the limited edition consists of 241 pens costing Rs 11.39 lakh each. Crafted in solid white gold, it bears a sketch of Gandhiji on the nib, apart from carrying his signature. Each piece is accompanied by saffron-coloured ink, a booklet of Bapu‘s quotes and an eight-metre long golden thread that, when wound around the pen, resembles the spindle of the spinning wheel. Another version consists of 3,000 fountain pens and as many roller pens, each costing between Rs 1.47 lakh and Rs 1.67 lakh”.

On 2nd October, the birthday of Mohandas Karamchand  Gandhi and India’s ex-PM Lal Bahadur Shastri (he is not THAT profitable), the people saw this billboard adorning their roads.


Billboard of Mahatma Gandhi and Mont Balnc pen in New Delhi (Image Source: )

Why corporate giants have to need 2nd October and Mahatma Gandhi as their model to earn profit? Why not they hang someone’s picture who was born with silver, no, no, with platinum spoon and enjoyed all the luxuries of life? Didn’t have to toil for a day in his life and had everything at his disposal. Why not celebrate his birthday and launch a pen to mark his birth anniversary?  I don’t think the person shown in the picture had gone to a men’s beauty parlor or gym even for an hour in his life? In fact, I remember, in South Africa once a white barber refused to cut his hair! i don’t know why people don’t leave Mahatma alone. He is very  different from what we are seeking today in life and no one’s ideal. Its high time that we leave him in peace which he deserve. 



My jaw simply dropped to my knees when I first “listened� to this FrankFinn ad. In this ad a girl was claiming that she was “different� right from childhood. Well and good. No problem with that. She also announced she wanted to fly. Excellent! But then somewhere she said when my friends were burning the midnight oil and spending time with heavy fat books, her dreams were taking shape in her eyes.

Well, Ms “whatever� or whoever you are, for your kind information you will be able to fly because somebody has chosen to spend enough time with thick books. That person will be known as pilot to you. You will be able to land in the pre announced city because someone has spent enough time with ugly fat books. That someone will be the navigator. You will be able to land safely because again someone has chosen to spend enough time with those despicable books. That someone will be the ground staff. If these people will not spend enough time with loathsome books, your dream would remain a dream (achievable in sleep only). Forever!

Here I was talking about your dream only. If we extend it a bit more, we are well connected and call this earth a global village because again someone had turned to fatty books. Otherwise I have not seen your ad. We are healthy and many incurable diseases are curable, because someone was not just chilling out and hanging out with friends but spending time with books. Our parents stay with us these days for more years than usual. Again those damn books are responsible. I don’t know why we act like ungrateful lots. Or maybe I am a bit more touchy because I had suffered from a disease that a few decades ago was incurable but someone was studying hard and working his a** off to find a cure for that disease. I am glad he was not a great fan of disc and pubs. Millions like me owe their lives to him and those fat books.