Teacher’s Day

What a great gift I received on the Teacher’s Day! One of my students sent me this message on WhatsApp. After reading the whole message, I was in tears. Teachers out there, wherever you are, always take pride in your profession. It might not pay you handsomely in cash but the rewards you reap are astonishing and amazing and may last for a lifetime. Here is what he wrote:


Respected mam,
Happy teachers day..?. It had been almost 17 years when you taught us but still we student count you as BEST teacher of our life and this is not with any particular student. Ask the whole batch and 100% of the batch will answer the same. I still remember I joined Central Academy in class VII after studying in a Hindi medium school till class VI. I didn’t know the meaning of addition, multiplication even…..I failed in GK in one of the exams and just survived in other subjects except Hindi and Sanskrit ?….

No one was there to share and I was hopeless about studies but with gods grace you joined there and I started scoring 80+ in Social Studies and geography in which I was managing 40-50..?

Your way of teaching left its impact on other subjects too and suddenly I was on the track in a year and after that your guidance and teaching of 3 years was the root cause of wherever I am. I think many of the students from that batch will acknowledge this fact.

Personal attention to each student, teaching methodology and discipline were the keys due to which each student paid attention and even the infamous people couldn’t dare to ignore your class:-P

Thanks mam for those turning 3 years of my life….I am thankful to you and God otherwise even i couldn’t imagine where I would have been… Need your blessings always.


You have my blessings always. Keep smiling and do well.


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