Summer Holidays and Parenting

Summer holidays and parenting can be strenuous or fulfilling and fun. All you have to do is to be a little bit adventurous and imaginative. This way kid and you both can enjoy the summer break. For the last two years, my track record was not very good. And I heaved a sigh of relief when my kid’s school reopened. But that was because I was bed ridden for months. This year, I was determined, bed ridden or not, we will enjoy the summer break. Thankfully, I am active this year, so its a bliss to enjoy all the benefits that health can offer you.

Summer Holidays and Gardening

I am an outdoor person. I love spending time in the open. How hot outside is, doesn’t matter. Thankfully my daughter share this passion with me. She too is an active child. We love beaches, climbing on trees, going for walks, swimming,getting drenched in rain or just sitting on a bench in the garden and chatting. We try to indulge in all these activities whenever possible. Yesterday we tried our hand at gardening.

But the problem is we don’t have a piece of land for gardening! But its no deterrence to us at all! We collected the seeds of fruits we ate in the morning and headed towards our community lawn with our seeds and a small shovel.


A gardener was already working in the field. We showed him the seeds and wanted to know where we could plant our mango, cherry, plum and muskmelon seeds. He guided us to some spots. Some we chose on our own. My daughter first wanted to plant mango seeds. She started digging a hole but it was too shallow. Later on I decided to give the gardener a break and did his own work for a while. He was watering the lawn and plants. From time to time I wanted to pour some water on my head too, but I resisted the temptation. The gardener sat in the shade. If you try hard, you can make out his outline.

The Gardener

My daughter had finished planting most of the seeds and wanted to swap work with me. We changed places. I want my daughter to enjoy nature and develop a green thumb. Gardening is also a good way to teach them about patience. No matter how well you are taking care of the sapling and plants, they will grow when they have to, they will bear fruits when they have to. You have to take care of them almost everyday and then you can’t do anything except step aside and watch.

Chilling Out

Gardening also involves a cycle of care. You have to go to the planted spots everyday and water them. You have to keep a watch on your activities too. Don’t put too much water or too little water. And the biggest learning experience for my daughter can be, when the trees will be ready to bear fruits, we might not be living here and will move to some other place or city! I know that will be a real life lesson for her. 🙂


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