Standing Tall

Today, you seem vulnerable
And frail
Judged, dismissed and ridiculed
By peers.

You come home crying
Over some silly barbs
But deep in my heart, I know my dear
For you those are not silly at all.

But the day is not far ahead
When you will realize
Their mistakes of
Standardizing you, stereotyping you
Fitting you into a mould,
But I know, you are your mothers daughter
They couldn’t find a mould for her too!

Flap your wings
Carve out your own sky
Be ready to forgive and forget,
Don’t carry any burden around your neck
To weigh you down,
Stand tall and proud amidst all.

When in doubt,
All you have to do is,
Look into my eyes,
And you will see the reflection of your true self,
Its a promise,
That I will never break.

Image Source: Travel Tales From India


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