A Love Story and $ 29 Million!

Love story

We love and care deeply for each other but due to irreconcilable differences we are getting divorced!!! The publicists of celebrity couples often reiterates this sentence to media, making a mockery of couples “love” and “deep care” for each other. Presently when relationships are breaking at slightest pretexts, I come across this story and still wondering what love is all about!

It is a story of plain injustice. FBI kept mum all the time in the court to protect its informant. This led to the conviction of four men for a murder they didn’t commit. Two of them died in jail and two are out of jail after spending 30 precious years of their lives behind the bars! One of them is Joseph Salvati who is 75 years old now. His lawyer fought his case for three decades without charging a penny and grew old with his client.

When I read this story what hit me hard is this fellow has something which the coolest, richest, sexiest hunks surviving in this world can’t have; the love, affection and care of Marie Salvati, his wife of 53 years! Was Jeseph a catch? Read for yourself:

A high school graduate with no trade skills, Joseph Salvati put in ten-hour days, six days a week, working three jobs to support his family. “It was casual labour,” he says. “You got what you could. I’d run down to the pier and help unload the fish. Lumpin’, it was called. It was dog’s work. But you could make US$60 a week. I unloaded trucks in the meat market. I worked as a doorman. The hours were late, but US$40 in tips was US$40.”

For the past 30 years Joseph was in the prison when Marie Salvati unflinchingly took care of their four children. She had faced many hardships. She couldn’t go for a full time job because her children were small. Marie recalled that she barely managed to put food on the table earlier. She had joined a charity organization at a lower rank and later on rose to the position of Director. She along with her children never failed to pay a weekly visit on Saturday to Joseph. And Joseph? He never failed to send a weekly greeting card to his family which he purchased from his 15-cents-a-day prison wages. Each card was placed on the top of the television until the next arrived. Marie stored her precious collection in shoe boxes, tied with red ribbon. What a way to keep your romance alive! And what a way to keep in touch with children!

Did they think of separating or divorcing each other during those times? Yes! Joseph once suggested Marie to divorce him and “move ahead” in life. He promised that he would not contest it. What his wife said was not something flowery and romantic but simple, plain truth. “Are you crazy?” Marie responded. “I took a vow for better or worse. We love each other.”
The court has awarded him $ 29 million in compensation. Salvati, now 75, knows he may not live long enough to see a penny of the award. But today Joseph is a free man. He is spending time with his wife, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. He loves the feeling that he can walk anywhere he wants.


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  1. Amazing:

    1. The way his wife stood by him for so many years.
    2. The way he battled on.
    3. The way a complete stranger battled on for him.
    4. That it took so long to get justice and the years of his life were evaluated to have a certain cost.

    Wonder what would be happening in our country where the voice of the innocent weak is even less heard?

  2. A touching story. Thanks for bringing it to us. And what an insult at the end – Courts wanting to pardon themselves by offering money as compensation. And how simple – they make themselves proud of the fact that they have handed over so many billion dollars from the public tax money which would be of meagre use to him from now on!

    Destination Infinity.

  3. I find myself incapable of choosing the right words to describe the depth of love that this couple had for each other. Such dedication, love and faith is rarely to be found these days. Those belonging to the present generations are more self-centered compared to our fathers and forefathers. If a wife finds her husband to be convicted of some crime, the first thing that she and her family would claim for is a divorce. In fact, we see divorces all around for minimal reasons. In a world like this, couples like the Salvatis have a lot to teach us. I prey God to give me a very lovable, dedicated, affectionate, and like-minded wife. More than that, I prey God to make me a lovable and devoted husband.

  4. Hellooooooooooo Alka!! how r uuu??? long time my ole friend :D…whats been happening with u?? write to me sometime (gmluke@gmail.com)

  5. Paradox, thanks for your interesting output. They have awarded around 101 million dollar in total. But still the matter is heard in the court. The infuriating part is that FBI officer had showed no remorse for his deeds. He asked defiantly, What do you expect? Tears? It seems FBI officials are made up of some other stuff.

    Destination Infinity, If you have time read about FBI agent who knew all along that Joseph Salvati is innocent but protected the FBI informer.

  6. Welcome Subhanjan! Do you blog? If yes, please leave your link here. Because I too will like to read your thoughts. I was amazed when I read about Salvatis. They live in a completely different society but still they are always there for each other. And you will just do fine as a husband. 🙂 because you are so sensitive and aware. 🙂 All the best.

    Manu how are you? I was pleasantly surprised to see you on my blog. But you have stopped writing on your blog. Where are you these days? How are you? I hope you start blogging too.

  7. Wonderful story of their life. I always thought there are things which can’t be justified and there are things which we always try to justify. We all read of the “how to’s” of love and relationships, when all we need are real life examples like these. Wodnerful. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  8. Nope not blogging yet…. maybe i might ….umm…haha so whats happening with you…. still in delhi??

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