I was reading Seth Godin’s post, “The Unlimited power of enthusiasm.? Of course no one can dispute its power. I think this one is one of the topics where one can’t take an “against? stance. We all need enthusiastic people in our organization, team, home, club… Mostly from these people innovative ideas originate and newer things get implemented.Their enthusiasm surfaces, not at hang out places, cinema halls, shopping malls but at workplace too.

I discovered one of the things about myself, why I love children. They are enthusiasm personified. Just engage them in any constructive activity, and sit back and watch them. Boredom is the last thing you will feel.

I remember, watching some children, swimming. After a while they started devising their own game in swimming. Few were swimming, twisting their bodies as whirlpool. Few were holding competition that who would jump farthest from diving board. Some were jumping from the board holding an imaginary bat and practicing different batting shot. Few were standing at the highest jumping board and holding one another’s hand. Then after usual 1-2-3, they all leaped together into the water. Before that I was always afraid of shooting off from the top diving board. But after witnessing these spectacles, I asked for help from my friend. She gladly offered me her hand and … Wow! I bade goodbye to that fear forever …. Thanks to the enthusiasm of those children.

I wish they enter into the adulthood with this gift and carry it forward into their professional lives and infect others too.


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