Buying Habits

Why we buy stuffs which we don’t need or the stuffs which will not provide a good service?

Is it our disposable income doing the trick? Is this extra income compels us to accumulate junk?

Is it our hectic life? Is our tight schedule makes such gadgets quite attractive to us? It Cook, Strain and Drain – All In One? Does it save a lot of hassle and time?

Or is it the human psychology at basic level at work? Or we want to play the childhood game; my pencil is bigger than yours!

Or is it the modern world’s GREATEST obsession, being COOL, is enticing us? I have read / heard this word innumerable times, that now I am not sure about its meaning.


4 Replies to “Buying Habits”

  1. hahahaha…u touch on the sensitive nerve…its only that people are so self-concious that they try hard to forget themselves coz they are not able to accept what or who they really are…and the process they end up with false aura created by materialistic bargains…being cool is an ambiguity everyone faces…coz the definition rapidly changes…god bless you Alka ji 🙂

  2. It is alright if you have disposable to income to spend on anything you want. But, with credit cards being so universally available, lot of people spend a lot of money they don’t have on things that they can do without.

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