Can we say OK Tata Bye Bye to the whole interview process, as suggested by Seth Godin? I don’t find any fault with the idea but with the applicability of it. It seems good that before hiring a candidate, he/she should be evaluated by performing the actual job. This gives you a clear idea whether to hire a candidate or not.

But if we start hiring by putting people into actual surroundings, it will take a long time to finally select a candidate. And it will take days or even months to complete the whole hiring process if the numbers of candidates are substantial.

Another practical hindrance is, if every few days a new person is assigned to your team, how will your regular employees work? They will get distracted or disturbed if every few days a new person is assigned to their team. And ultimately the work will suffer.

Another realistic hurdle is, you have to appoint a team or at least a person who will look after the candidates. Because normal employees can’t do this on and often. This will increase the cost. Same point is raised by Keith Collins.

Another thing is, the interviewee might be working in some other organization. He/she won’t have time to spare for this on the job evaluation.

Another obstacle is, what if the person is living in some other state and has to go to another state for the interview? This will cost the candidate or the organization too much money.


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  1. Just Checked Seth’ Blog.

    And similar issues came to my mind.
    Including. Few companies didn’t like to give the inside feel of the company unless or until an employee.
    Security breach, confidentiality of project works etc.

    One more issue is at times people need some time to get used to environment that affect the work capabilities what if the person is not able to concentrate on given task. Adjusting with new situation/place phases.

  2. Seth Godin looks like Alice In Wonderland.

    As you have very eloquently suggested, the whole idea is so impractical. What about the freshers from the college ? They haven’t worked on ANYthing except projects in college labs. First they gotta learn and have feel of the job assigned, and they would actually do something!

  3. Hi,Alka.Yes,the idea’s too impractical, though idealistic,if people could learn on the job so fast.I guess that’s why there are probation periods and training sessions in companies,na.I wish crystal balls existed.:)

  4. everything is so relative and individualistic when it boils down preparing a foolproof plan…..yet some well set norms are being followed by many organisations presumably the most feasible and optimising appoach…..but then sector-wise they do largely differ….one cannot as such generalise anything….

  5. It seems in a perfect world that would be a great way to conduct interviews. I do think it is something that could be accomplished company by company but may never revolutionize the way we handle the interview process. For some good old fashioned interview practice, check out:
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