Keeping ahead of your competitors

I often hear people saying, this guy or gal is smart. By smart they mean, he/she gets his/her ways by hook or by crook. And the person, who is hard working, believes in certain values, follows certain principles is called a bore, uninspiring, dull guy.

Is it really true? Cannot one really be noticed unless he/she is smart?

I was reading marketing Guru Seth’s post. Who says that old values are dying? People sticking to good old teachings are bore? And who says that good guys finish last? Once again, he emphasized on quality.

If you really want to stay ahead of competitors and want to get noticed, there are no short cuts. People following shortcuts are thrown out of every place. They truly don’t belong anywhere and are replaceable easily. Therefore don’t compromise on quality. Sooner or later lack of quality will be identifiable and you will be out of business.

I remember one particular eating joint. It’s a small place. They mostly thrive on free home delivery. Their food is really terrific and home delivery is quite prompt. If there might be some delay, they take care to inform you. No matter how small an order is, they deliver it at your doorstep without much fuss. The eating joint maintains amazing hygiene standard at a very reasonable rate. Everything they do, signify parent taught moral values. Their business is thriving due to honesty, purity, hard work, terrific service and reasonable pricing. It’s really good old plain treasures handed over to us from time immemorial by our forefathers!!


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  1. ** If you really want to stay ahead of competitors and want to get noticed, there are no short cuts

    Very True. Your freedom fighter post was really touchy and that’s because of the lady you talked about. I will advice Congress to go watch Munna bhai and learn something from that film at least about Gandhi because congress gandhi ko apni bapouti (jageer) jo manti hai.

  2. You know what, as I see it, the so called ‘old’ values never ask you to be unsmart: rather they make you smarter. Look at Krishna, look at Vivekananda: were they unsmart? And if they were not, were they any less moral or upright? I believe that sticking to your values builds the inner strength, and being pragmatic (smart) helps build your defence mechanism, and also contributes to your mental strength.

    That example of the little eating joint was good… it indeed reinforces our beliefs in the power of being and doing good

  3. Tarun, I was quite devasted reading about the lady. As far as Congress is concerned they can’t see beyong Nehru-Gandhi family. Us parivaar ne itni kurbaaniyan di hai….., ki ye nation pata nahi kab tak is family ko jhelta hua kurbaani deta rahega.

    Sudipta, your definition of smart is differnt from what I seem to know. Being practical is not considered smart. Being manipulative, calculative, aggression, Opening your mouth without thinking, wearing ‘mod clothes’ knowing what is in what is out are smart things.

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