Viral effect of email promotion

Check out this sign posted at Starbucks today.

It reads:

“An email offering a free Starbucks iced coffee beverage was distributed by Starbucks partners (employees) with instructions to forward it to their group of friends and family. Unfortunately, it has been redistributed beyond the original intent and modified beyond Starbucks control. Regretfully this email offer will no longer be valid at any Starbucks location effective immediately.”

This incident narrates how things go out of hand in cyber world. The promotional campaign of Starbucks has taken an ugly turn. It seems their management team is still not well versed with internet world and how it can create adverse effects in geometric proportions. It is such a HUGE organization, and none has anticipated this problem. It seems this promotional campaign is designed by an internet novice. They should have gone for barcode to stop viral effect, as suggested here.


2 Replies to “Viral effect of email promotion”

  1. It is failure of the corporate communication division to communicate clearly to all internal stakeholders on the guidelines. I am sure starbucks being starbucks, will have a strong email and product promotion policy. Secondly I think its the failure of HR-Training for not being able to come up with periodic refresher coures on the comapny policies and culture. Fourth the company itself not to make the employees sign internal compliance statements on policies, atleast with the key executives who have the power to communicate and influence.

    Phew, I am growing alergic to my own long replies.

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